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Our Vision :

The NCAA aspires to be the paramount accrediting association for coaching and tuition/training centers and educational institutions ac ross India. It aims to be a resource for such centers, encouraging them to strive for excellence in fulfilling their missions.
The NCAA shall guide and assess the requirements that need to be furnished before such individuals or centers begin their coaching, tuitions, vocational training or educational institution.
The NCAA shall also make recommendations and give suggestions for improvement in any policy or procedure of an existing Individual coaching, tuition, vocational training center or educational institution, so as to bring them at par with the best in the industry.
Through voluntary assessment and high standards for academic quality, NCAA intends to stimulate excellence in student services, student learning outcomes and consumer protection, to assure people from all sectors that NCAA accredited institutions are fulfilling their stated purposes and addressing the public's expectations.

Our Mission :

The NCAA is a voluntary, nongovernmental organization that operates a nationally recognized accrediting and assessment Council under the guidance of the NCAA Commission.
The NCAA Commission defines, maintains, and promotes service excellence in Coaching, Tuition and Vocational Training centers and Educational institutions.
The Commission is dedicated to nurturing quality assurance, protection of the rights of the students and institutional self-improvement through voluntary accreditation via peer evaluation. NCAA accreditation aims to instill public confidence in NCAA certified institutions' missions, goals, performances, and resources through meticulous application and peer-developed accreditation standards.

Core Values:
NCAA is guided by these Core Values :

  • Volunteerism
  • Self-regulation
  • Institutional self-improvement
  • Individual self-improvement
  • Assurance of quality
  • Assurance of timely delivery
  • Respect for the uniqueness of  institutions  
  • Excellence in student services
  • Fairness and transparency of NCAA decision-making
  • Responsiveness to the dynamic and ever demanding coaching, tuition, vocational training and educational institution community.